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Power Systems Operations Team

Meet the Leadership Team

Our leaders and implementation teams have been working in the power and energy industry for many years and are committed to serving the business and technical needs of our clients.


Kenneth Jones, CEO Kenneth Jones, CEO

Ken is the CEO of Power Systems Operations and in addition to his leadership duties is responsible for all sales and marketing efforts.

Before joining Power Systems Operations, he was a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, founder of Mindshare and co-founder of Kellogg Venture Community. Ken is an experienced consultant with a focus on large scale, enterprise integration programs in energy, health care and government. He has led billion-dollar partnerships combining public and private companies with government agencies to address complex business process challenges.

Ken led Mindshare to develop machine learning to optimize trading strategies for energy, commodities, and derivatives. MindShare’s core technology can review historical trading data across broad geographical region and identify opportunities to take advantage of multi-leg trade timing, pricing arbitrage, and/or hedging strategies.

Ken is an MBA and graduated from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the James A. Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park.


Vicki Vanderburg, PresidentVicki Vanderburg, President

Vicki is the founder and President of Power Systems Operations. She leads the software development, consulting, system integration and implementation teams and is the chief architect and product evangelist for PSO’s VERA Suite applications and services. She has successfully led complex projects by working closely with clients, applying best practices and delivering targeted solutions to reduce the cost and minimize user impacts by avoiding the need for clients to reinvent established business processes.

She is sought after as a trusted advisor and technology visionary by large energy company executives for her deep power industry knowledge and expertise. Vicki leverages lessons learned from client projects and interactions when providing consulting and implementation services.

Vicki holds a BS in Computer Science from Washington State University.


Mark Sundsten, VP Product DevelopmentMark Sundsten, VP Product Development

Mark is the Vice President of Product Development at Power Systems Operations and is responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of the VERA Product Suite. He has over 30 years of software development experience with most of those years spent working within the electric utility industry. Mark spent 15 of those years developing and delivering the ACES power scheduling product where he was an architect and lead developer. For about 2 years, Mark implemented a new version of the ACES product at Seattle City Light re-written using contemporary technology (Java) which was rebranded as Aligne Power Ops or APO.

Mark holds a BS in Computer Science from Washington State University.


Heather Frazier, VP of ImplementationHeather Frazier, VP of Implementation

Heather is the Vice President of Implementation at Power Systems Operations and provides professional services at various customer sites, both in the US and abroad, supporting the design, configuration, implementation and training of software products related to Power Scheduling, Water Scheduling, ISO Communications, Settlements and Retail Invoicing. She currently leads the Professional Services division of Power System Operations and is known for her success at delivering on-time, on-budget projects.

Heather has over 30 years of experience in software development and support services with most of them spent working within in the electric utility industry and 15+ of those years developing, delivering and supporting the ACES power scheduling product. She started at Puget Power (now Puget Sound Energy) and moved on to Unified Information, Inc playing a key role in the creation of the ACES Power Scheduling product. She led the ACES development group by managing all aspects of ACES development.

Heather holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Western Washington University.