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Puget Sound Energy Deploys VERA Communicator to Meet NERC Requirements

Power Systems Operations was engaged by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to deploy its VERA Communicator product to meet the new pseudo-tie requirements of the NERC Reliability Standards.
The solution PSO delivered included a selection of tools from its VERA Product Suite, all based around a configurable dashboard implemented via VERA Communicator. The solution streamlines, automates, and greatly increases the PSE’s capabilities for monitoring and adjusting NERC pseudo-tie tags by:

  • Automating the process of making after-the-fact adjustments to pseudo-tie tags to match actual physical schedule value, including the ability to automatically submit the adjustments.
  • Enabling real-time adjustments to future tag hours to match updated forecasts.
  • Visually alarming hourly values when they differ from the actuals by more than the NERC INT-004 defined thresholds.
  • Sending nightly e-mail audit reports for the previous week that highlight where tag values differed from actuals by any amount.
  • Enabling unlimited retention of NERC Tag data.

“When PSE first approached us about providing a NERC pseudo-tie tagging solution, we knew that our VERA Product Suite was an excellent fit for the project, and we’re pleased to have provided a solution that solves their immediate requirements while being adaptable to address their future needs,” said Vicki Vanderburg, President, Power Systems Operations. “It’s always a great feeling to surpass expectations and have our clients be pleasantly surprised by the additional value – in terms of streamlined data processing and presentation – that VERA solutions bring to their organizations.”


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